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K-9 CT Explosives Search
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"DESA Standards setting organisation, is a small group of mainly European experts (SME's) Dedicated to setting International recognised/accredited safe and achievable standards in Canine (K9) and Human CT-Search."

Former Chairman
& founder member
    Jim Vernon

DESA's Standards branch, is a non political non profit making Association

No real standards or credible licensing exists
DESA Independant IQA & Project management Services with Guarantees

Since 1987 DESA has been extremely active and vocal on standards and the need for proper licensing and regular assessment of personnel and animals if involved in front line Counter Threat (CT) Search.

It has achieved many world firsts in Canine detection roles that some are now claiming as their own. Everything from Smuggled Ivory through to Counterfeit Aeroplane parts, Pharmaceutical Counterfeits and of course numerous Drug and Explosives firsts as we demonstrated at Cambridge University.  Jim was given a special award for Services to Law and Order, from Proffessor Arthur Gibson at Cambridge University on behalf of the Commonwealth Secrtariat for Industrial Crime  in the early 90's  .

DESA have lectured, trained, advised, or provided search services worldwide and to such as the FBI/17th Commonwealth Games Manchester/ Barcelona-Sydney-Athens Olympic Games, TSA, Gatwick/Little-rock AK/BWI/Chicago O'Hare... Airports, Numerous LEA's worldwide, Front Royal US Customs K9 HQ, Florida Customs, Dade County PD, Beaumont PD, Baltimore PD, GICHD, AAAE Dallas, Various UAE Events/Police/Trade events, NGOs in Iraq.To name literally just a few.

Other Front line K9 Explosives searches carried out by DESA and its K9 Handlers include such as:  Harrods / QE11 Cruise Liner/ NCIS Launch in London Excel/ Millennium Dome/ Pop Concerts/Earls Court/ G-Mex/IFSEC Excel/ Canary Wharf/ Oil Conferences/ QE 11- Conference Centre Government Events/ Football matches/ Various VIP and Royal Protection sweeps/  again this list is not extensive.

We have also supplied green and part trained dogs or training packages under different  cap badges so to speak, or uniforms to many NGOs and end users involved in De-mining, Police supply, Customs dogs, Various EDD roles for other NGOs in conflict areas.

Currently and with input from many sources around the world including ERW and HDM we are drafting and up dating the much improved  new DESA standards and a complete training program suite of accredited awards from level 2 through to level 5 for searchers and Handlers/Search Supervisors etc                                                                                         Others include Degree levels for Senior and Middle Managements on how to task and manage high risk search teams. Of course we have developed our QA systems and services available to all through our commercial consultancy and all  are mapped to, such as IMAS/GICHD/TSA/Various Police Military their manuals and SOP's (TOP's).

DESA keeping you safe since 1987