We are recruiting more independent consultants and K9 suppliers for our approved vendor programs.                        To supply world class animals, staff, training or Quality assuring programs Worldwide.... 

To be advertised shortly
and several new International SMEs have joined and will feature in this new team listings

Some of the DESA Team with B.A.G. in the UAE

Jim Vernon (Snr)

Standards & Awards LEAD Specialist Explosives & Narcotics  K-9 CT-Search

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DESA Training teams have always worked closely with CP Teams worldwide

DESA Training team and UK-TI arrival are met  by the Embassy staff at Dubai Airport

DESA Training teams train regularly to keep up with world Terrorist techniques and large scale assessment and licensing events are compulsory for all DESA K9 Search Teams led here by the Chief Instructor 

DESA Team up with B.A.G In DALLAS


DESA K-9 Training teams uniquely were the first to train their explosives search handlers in stadium air convection's and use of thermal imaging techniques as well as live Explosives cause and effect in the late 80's and early 90's

Vapour wake dogs? Nothing new!

DESA Explosives Cause and Effect Training for K9 Handlers from the USA 

With Tony Dedman (ISSEE)

DESA Standards section are a UK based,  none political, none profit making organisation and will help any legitimate government. Without thought of race colour or religion to fight terrorist in any country who hide or operate under in the name of whatever misguided cause they claim to represent and those who chose to kill innocent men women and children indiscriminately

Jim Snr joins DESA with RMBC & some 150 local business members and other UK-TI trade missions and over the last 30 years offering its unique security training services World wide and anywhere with terrorist problems against innocent civilians

Jim takes time out in the Dead Sea Jordan during the Re-building Iraq Conferences

Proving we (DESA Trainers) are only human after all

Jims Son on Humanitarian De-mining stops to help injured school boy   (Hearts and Minds) 

Jim practising 360 Slow Pan

with DJI Phantom @400ft

Exploring Search applications