Sample of Clients & Experience

Obviously some clients prefer not to be named so we will do this mostly pictorial.

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Amazing just how many UK handlers started their climb up the K9 Ladder  training under, or with DESA and are now running their own K9 companies or training or instructing others.... Well done.

    Thankfully some remember how much help was given to them  ( often for FREE )  by Desa and Jim.  They despite now being fine handlers and trainers in their own right, still appreciate the advice, training, or work opportunities given to them. Sadly others continue to throw stones and act Like fishwives gossiping over the fence...So some things never change I guess. 

Anyway we are back, despite resisting many requests to re-launch for many years. But the K9 industry for civilians deserves to come of age and world class standards are now more than ever required where Explosives are concerned...


There are 'NO' second chances when searching for Explosives and second best, or nearly, or not bad, just wont do !!!


DESA and Jim hope again to help many, many, more up and coming Specialist K9 Searchers and to help keep people and important places safe for a few more years...We believe in mentoring the next generation of young up and comings.


                         DESA thirty '30' years OLD  THIS year 2017 ....( 31 now it's 2018 )

 Pre the NOC days and  & we mentor new handlers back then Tony Heldt & Mark at one of the U2 Conerts DESA were asked to search 
 Ron Stanley brings some more well known NASDU faces down to be    assessed by DESA and shows he can still keep up with the young un's. 
   The team  & its chosen Charity organisation  (OATS)  meet with the Guide Dogs for the Blind to discuss their own DESA Dogs for Disabled Soldiers' program launching as soon as the fund raising operations are ready to go National hopefully late Autumn 2017.
   Tony Heldt (NASDU) visits DESA Nottingham                2003 for more FREE help with his                 new dogs training
    Delivering Dogs to Barcelona
Police  for use during their Olympics
 2001 Wakefield for more help sessions
 DESA Giving Public Demonstrations                     Anna volunteers to try the sleeve...but Lee decides better to feed her to the hungry dog ha ha
 Moor security services Badge next to DESA Badge
 The guys show off the DESA K9 colours              for the Athens Olympics
 2001 DESA Massive Explosives and IED stores unique size and quantities not seen in K9 before that...another 1st.
 Long before any US Tripwire organisation even. DESA were on the Explosives Ranges training all their handlers on Cause and effect and Explosives storage and handling (early 90's)  this type of training is still not standard for current leaders of UK K9 training standards? The team seen here with Tony Dedman. DESA hope to convince Government to make this compulsary for anyone searching for IEDs...Why wouldn't they?

Jim loves his Ski-ing, so quickly volunteered to spend a couple of weeks learning from the K9 Avalanche dog teams. But DESA decide in the UK we don't really have enough snow...But rain maybe yes !!! 

Big John Prater joins the DESA team for another 1st as the first ever civilian team to carry out K9 explosives search alongside the UK Police at the Commonwealth Games 

In return DESA demo K9 explosives search at ISSEE to a group of Police from UAE countries

Jim says these famous DESA caps were in big demand in almost every country we have will be re-introducing them in our Merchandise range soon as we can, along with the inevitable Tee Shirts and warm fleece jackets...The profits go to our disabled service dog, charity projects.

Old...very old...(early 90's) screen shots from the original DESA promotional video.  Showing  Underwater deadbody & toxic waste water search/recovery training. Ready for DESA's presentation to the Commonwealth Secretariat for Industrial crime at Cambridge University. It also included live K9 demonstrations of our dogs detecting Pharmaceutical Counterfiets, smuggled Ivory and even counterfiet aeroplane parts. A one off shot of dogs being trained on the high wire slide... in preparation for collapsed building searches.


        The good old all these are common place but we were proud to have been amongst the pioneers.