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UK Government DSTL C.O.D  DESA Testing Courses

This page will remain mainly current.  ie: Licensing new centres and taking on new consultants.

Check back to see new faces on the the training and QA teams

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Ready Now & Abbreviations list below;  

A Totally Independent Specialist K-9 QA Licensing Body

DESA's K9 Quality Management System (QMS with CAPA built in)

A Quality & Licensing Agreement (QLA) Dogs and or Handlers as a team                                                                    (DESAs equivalent... DSTL COD's testing is separate)


The CET 4 Teaching (old was the PTTLs) and IQA are mainstream QCF awards with our DESA search units embedded,  if already held by students training as Instructors there will be just the DESA search units to take... as a top up.


CT search K9 Instructor level 4    (includes CET4 & IQA 4)

CT search-K9 Trainer  level 4      (includes CET4 & CAVA 3)

CT- search K9 Handler level 3-4  ( Narcotics @3  Explosives @4 )

Canine Odour Testing Officer Level 3      (x3 units @ level 3 includes CAVA 3)

Canine Odour Discrimination Technician  (x3 units@ level 3)

Canine UAV (Dog drone familiarisation unit, level 2 & Handler/operator Courses Level 3)


DESA Approved Centres/K9 Supply Vendors applications being taken/ or COD's test station "packs" (As per DSTL)

(still being drafted... final will be after feedback and input from the first few Instructor Cohorts).


Various EOD (level 3 initially) and Bomb Countermeasures, ERW, De-mining, etc To be delivered by our International and UN approved EOD Instructors.


Other IMAS approved Awards at various stages and levels are available on request. These from Highly Qualified SMEs mostly ex EOD Royal Engineers etc (not by the DESA 'Canine' Instructors). Most of these courses and the K9 Explosives demonstrations and handling etc will be held at our new Euro HQ training facility... due mostly to the UK's explosives restrictions on use and storage.

General Abbreviations

K9          Prefix for Dogs (Canine) 

QMS      Quality Management Systems

CAPA     Corrective Actions Preventative Actions 

COD's     Canine Odour Discrimination (testing)

QLA       Quality Licensing Agreement

DSTL      Defence Science & Technology Laboratory

CET 4     Certificate of Education & Training level 4

PTLLS     Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

IQA         Internal Quality Assurance

QCF        Qualification Credits Framework

CT           Counter Threat

CAVA 3   Certificate of Assessing Vocational Achievement

EOD        Explosives Ordinance Disposal

ERW        Explosives Remnants of War

IMAS       International Mine Action Standards

GICHD    Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian De-mining