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Although Initially an Explosives and Narcotics search organisation, requests and demands have seen us involved in many others such as Search & Rescue,  Accelerants, Cadaver, Avalanche , Tactical support dogs, Earthquake and collapsed structures ....enjoy our mainly pictorial scrap book entries below, showing just some of the vast experiences in                    "search" of many types over 30 years plus.                        Always a leader and innovator, but never a follower   

Avalanche...What Avalanche? Says Jim

and yes we hear you, so we will be re- introducing the famous  DESA K-9 caps again.... very soon 

Just for the record Jim's vehicle parked up. Not drinking and driving !!!


DESA's C4 project  searching at the Chelsea football Stadium Search

 John Kettle of Explo Fly and the DESA Team with British Airports Group (BAG) in Qatar  

DESA prepare to carry out Marine Search on Floating Hotel at Londons Docklands site

DESA Lady Handler (from USA) Prepares to search for IED's in Harrods Exclusive Store in London

DESA helping the Dog Charities in Spain

Whilst there training dogs for De-mining

The Late Phil Haig. A great dog man and friend of

DESA ...rescue training.


A Young Jim (Jnr) On Contract in Africa De-mining & ERW Finds.   

A less young Dad.... Jim (Snr). But with his

own older version of ERW clearance

Another first for DESA ...way back some 15-17 years ago. Barky (Ex-RE  EOD) teaching DESA K9 search students from the USA

how to Xray suspect packages

One of many visits by UK Police to buy Dogs from  the former DESA HQ Training Centre

DESA Show off their Colours for the Athens Olympics

Even with Organic Colour coding Xrays

A Richard Reid Shoe Bomb can be difficult to spot  (not for Dogs).

DESA Show their dogs to visiting officer cadets

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