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This page will remain mainly current.  ie: Licensing new centres and taking on new consultants.

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From the heart of England Home of the legendary Sherwood Forest & original home of DESA  (1987) comes A NEW Initiative in the fight against Terrorism & Criminals

"In this world there is always some man who claims to make your product cheaper and can do it better...

Those people who consider price alone are this mans lawful prey..."

John Ruskin (1785–1864)

Hmm Where do I want to be in 5 years time?

I want a career not just a job?

We all have a need to interdict illegal substances and people before they hurt us

Specialist Suppliers/Universities/Colleges/ Police/Military/Private Security/Transport systems/Critical Infrastructure/EOD  NGO's/Marine/Aviation/CP Providers/Local Government/Health services/Rescue/First Responders/Postal/Insurance/Consultants

The need benefits and potential memberships are vast and vital in the fight against Terrorism and Criminals

                                                                          The noble art of "SEARCH" has been practised since hunter gatherer human                                                                                      beings roamed the earth...Yet it still has not truly been recognised in the                                                                                            modern world of vocational pursuits and educational standards as a SKILL in its                                                                              own right. Really visionary and skilled searchers exist out there but are rarely                                                                                    recognised...No professors of search? Few University Degrees or genuine                                                                                          vocational awards or genuine career paths exist in the highly specialised and                                                                                    underestimated Skill of SEARCH.   


                                                                                 Jim Vernon (Snr) Founder member and former Chairman DESA

No real genuine search qualifications or apprenticeships (here in the UK) even and searching for contraband or explosives is still often seen as a bolt-on to other 'recognised' security assets especially in the Dog search world (K9).

It took the IRA terrorist Brighton Bombing in 1984 in the UK to start to realise the need for standards and civil cohesion, direct links with Intelligence and command structures. Thankfully in the De-mining world IMAS was born and ALL must now comply and operate to those standards worldwide. K-9 Search can't even agree here in our tiny Island? It’s time for some strong leadership.

 A number of Dog and Explosives search  "Associations" and think tanks, or even self-proclaimed centres of excellence do exist. Good bad and indifferent. Some use numbers of members as a badge of their quality?...Some claim exclusivity of their membership as their claim to quality? The sad fact is... You pays your money and you takes your chances.

DESA's Standards section simply claim, we will remain None Political...None Profit making and standardise wherever possible, its knowledge and techniques worldwide.

All other associations and organisation and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA's) are welcome to contribute and or join our efforts. We will be open to single individuals that may work from home, right up to major Police or Military units academics and some of the many NGO's that are now used as private security in many of the world’s conflict zones long after Military forces have been withdrawn.

By Autumn/Winter of 2018 DESA hope to be ready to open its doors truly Internationally and worldwide, to recognise and develop as a body that supports and promotes "excellence" in the noble art of SEARCH. I have been privileged to have met, been challenged by, or supported by some truly brilliant and experienced searchers in the last 40 years in this industry. It is time to give them the recognition, rewards, and platforms to practice or share their knowledge and skills to help fight world terrorism and the criminality that seeks to harm decent men women and children in their own pursuit of wealth or for misguided beliefs.

We are here to help, why not join us in open forum, or propose yourself to become a member or supplier...But leave your politics and prejudices at the door. The standards we set though for all, or any, will be exceptionally high.


Our licensing and standards procedures and a complete suite of awards from level 1 to 5 and entry level degrees will hopefully be ready for our global launch and our data base of consultants and practitioners and K-9 establishments and providers, centres for learning are all welcome to submit material for consideration, requests or LOI's now.


We are here to help, why not join us in open forum, or propose yourself to become a member or supplier...But leave your politics and prejudices at the door. The standards we set though, for all or any, will be exceptionally high. No more room for Drug dog handlers being used as explosives searchers, or expected to do 12 hour shifts with just a few short breaks for their dogs? Yes its still happening... I met one just a few weeks ago and employed by one of the biggest contractors in the world (August 2018) and paying just minimum wage. No regulations? No genuine or compulsory minimum standards?






These new pages about Memberships and standards in SEARCH are still under construction but keep checking in for updates and developments.

DESA have now embedded the Canine Odour Discrimination  (COD) Testing process as put out by DSTL (UK) and Government approved parameters into their own  Quality Assurance and licensing process.  We have developed  also a set of Learning Outcomes (L.O's) and additional Training Objectives (TO;s)

into it's unique Trainer and assessor qualifications.

We have always had our own methods for "proofing" our samples and Dogs scent tests. But what this new initiative does at a stroke is give the whole UK K-9 Search sector a standardised process and a base line to work from. We applaud this recent initiative and Government support or recognition of it. But WHY has it taken so long? Years of lobbying and requesting by many !

C.O.D. Testing

Sample of our course Leaflets

DESA not only test their dogs on odour but develop the Handlers understanding of scent plumes/air vectors/heat and other effects on scent patterns/flow 

(DESA's CT-K9 Specialist Search Level 4 Gold standard)

World Class Truly Independent Quality Assurance and Assessment Service

and search team licensing....DESA

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